Rubbermaid 2 in 1 Scrubber


Some areas of the bathroom are especially hard to clean, such as faucets, grout and shower door tracks.

This all-purpose scrubber has a detail brush stored cleverly inside that you can pop out to clean those hard to access areas without breaking your cleaning stride.

The 2-in-1 Scrubber comes with a non-scratch scouring pad, perfect for all purpose scrubbing. It is also compatible with three types of Switchable Pads, which allow for flexibility in cleaning a variety of surfaces.

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Great for domestic use only


  • Safe to use on all surfaces including tile, laminate, vinyl and glass
  • Large cleaning head, great for wall and floor cleaning
  • Rubberized inset for great grip
  • Detail Brush hidden inside for cleaning hard to access areas such as facets, grout and shower door tracks
  • The Switchable Pads (sold separately) allow you to customize your scrubber, with three varieties to choose from, just pick the pad that’s right for the job at hand


Switchable cleaning pads

  • Allow flexibility in cleaning a variety of surfaces
  • Sponge pad is great for wiping and absorbing liquids
  • Embedded bristle brush ideal for detailed cleaning

All-purpose 2-in-1 scrubber

  • Great for hard-to-access areas, such as faucets and shower door tracks
  • Extra large scrubber for full-surface cleaning
  • Also compatible with scour pad and microfiber disposable pads (sold separately)


Brush Measurements:

Approx. 190 L x 109 W x 114 mm H

 What you get

2 in 1 scrubber

Scrubber sponge

Detail brush

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