Ez Wheel Powered Drive System


The latest Powered revolution has arrived in Australia. If you have a cart/trolley that is heavy or awkward to maneuver then Ez-Wheel is for you.

Ez-Wheel electric wheels are an effective way of providing electrically powered assistance for mobile Meal delivery and cleaning equipment. Fitting an Ez-Wheel on your equipment provides electric traction which can move hundreds of kilograms, without any operating noise. The help in moving and handling makes equipment comfortable for workers to use and protects them from injury when performing repetitive movements.

It can be used for a whole day with no need for recharging thanks to the autonomy of the built in battery. The wheel can be recharged whenever necessary when connected to a standard 240v outlet.

Wired and wireless systems are available in various sizes so Ez-Wheel can be fitted to almost any trolley. All Ez-Wheel products are maintenance free and weather proof giving you piece of mind and allowing staff to operate without interruption.


  • Wireless Technology
  • Compact design
  • No emissions
  • Sealed Drive system
  • Large Variety of wheel sizes
  • Multiple Wheel compounds
  • Easy to fit
  • Maintenance free


 With no cables required fitment is easy and ascetically better with no cables to hide

Fits easily under your existing trolley, does not effect the way the trolley is used

Can be used in confined areas with no threat of fumes

Ez-Wheel can be used indoors or out any issues

In many cases it can be fitted without changes to the existing height of you trolley

Wheels can be suited to your environment to get the best traction for the longest period

With minimum work required fitment can be done quickly ensuring your fleet is in action fast

With no maintenance you don’t have to worry about service costs or downtime


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